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A Kurumba collecting honey A Kurumba dance group (old photo) A Kurumba elder A Kurumba engaged in making musical instruments A Kurumba hamlet A Kurumba hut Cave shelter of Kurumba Collecting forest produce for food Collecting natural colour from tree resin Collecting natural dye from leaves Collecting natural dyes from soil and charcoal Folk god of the Kurumbas Honey combs on the high cliffs Household utensils Kumbadeva - their forest deity Kurumba art training centre Kurumba dance group Kurumba dance Kurumba death ceremony Kurumba musicians Kurumba temple Kurumba woman carrying water Kurumba woman with agriculture tool Kurumba worshiping Megalithic Dolmen Megalithic Dolmen found near Kurumba Village The practice of ancestral worship by Kurumbas Their dance Their settlement inside the forest Tulsi plant worshipped by them Worship of the forest god